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Internet Price Schedule

Plan fees are based on the total square footage of completed plan which includes all heated areas, future expansion, and all unheated areas such as garages, carports, basements, storage rooms, and porches.

  • Existing Designs (stock plans)..(includes 4 full sets)……….$0.30 per square foot ($500.00 minimum)
  • Re-use of an Existing Design..(includes 4 full sets)……….$0.15 per square foot ($350.00 minimum)
  • Pool Houses & Garages..(includes 4 full sets) Up to 1500 square feet……….$500.00 Greater than 1500 square feet……….$750.00
  • Study Plan..(Front Elevation & Floor plan)……….$0.10 per square foot (See Copyright notice) ($250.00 minimum)
  • Addition & Remodel..(Based on total square feet)……….$3.00 per square foot average Consultation at Site (Less than 30 miles from Memphis)……….$150.00
  • Custom Plan Design……….$1.20 per square foot

Modifications to Existing or Stock Plans

The below fees are for changes made to existing or stock plans and will be added to either the stock or the re-use fee, whichever is applicable. The fees are calculated on the total square footage.

  • Minor Revisions to the Floor Plan or Elevations……….$.10 per square foot
  • Medium Revisions to the Floor Plan or Elevations……….$.20 per square foot
  • Major Revisions to the Floor Plan or Elevations……….$.30 per square foot
  • Minor Revisions to the Floor Plan & Elevations……….$.20 per square foot
  • Medium Revisions to the Floor Plan & Elevations……….$.40 per square foot
  • Major Revisions to the Floor Plan & Elevations……….$.60 per square foot (Request a Quote for Modifications)

Floor Plan changes w/ exterior angles, or designing a basement foundation or adding a crawlspace foundation to an existing design or a re-use of a design is an additional fee of $.10 per square foot for each.

**For all designs with (NWD) attached to the plan number, the fees will be an additional $.10 per square foot for the total heated and unheated areas.

    • Reversal of Cad Drawings: $.15 per square foot for the total heated and unheated square feet……….($300.00 minimum fee)

Site Planning

(When site plans are developed, a permit set will be printed along with your four sets.)

  • Site Planning……….$100.00 Site
  • Planning for complex municipalities……….$250.00

Model Energy Code Calculations

  • Model Energy Code Calculations……….$100.00

Sets of Prints

Additional sets of prints are $30.00 per set at the time of the purchase. Additional sets ordered after 15 days of the purchase are $35.00 per set.

Shipping Fees

Shipping of three to five business days will be added to the plan package fee. Expedited shipping is also available with an additional fee.

NOTE! It is well known that mail order fees are generally slightly less than local, retail fees because of less overhead required. In order to compete with other mail order services and Internet plan fees, the fees that we charge for plans sold directly through our Internet service are priced the same as our local builder fees charged at our branch offices. We encourage you to visit one of our four convenient offices and meet with one of our many talented home designers in person for priceless, friendly, professional service at our standard fees. If you are unable to come in, you are welcomed to purchase our home designs through our Internet site, and be subject to shipping and handling fees. Please remember, once you make your purchase from one of our offices directly or through the Internet, the sale will be final on this particular order.